The drunk with a heart of gold is now a drunk with a sick mind. The alcoholic, drunk is no longer a surprise when his speech becomes slurred or goes off the tracks. From drinking socially to engaging in risky activities and then sobering up, the difference between the normal and the drunk can be subtle but there are subtle differences.

The most important element is that you are accountable for your own decision is very important. Another important element is your choice to stay sober. It is not always the person who enters a rehab or alcoholism treatment facility that keep himself sober. To stay sober requires commitment to sobriety and the will to keep going.

At first, the decision to stay sober may seem a difficult one. If you are not sure where you stand, there are some simple tips you can follow. First, don’t depend on a family member or friend to keep you sober. After all, your own plans can and will change and will require your own initiative. Second, don’t go into any rehab or treatment facility by default.

Make a plan to make sure you never go back to drinking, whether it is in a rehabilitation center or at home. Also, don’t ever fall into the trap of drinking alone. Choose a place where you feel comfortable with people around you. The challenge will be staying sober while you are living in a residential treatment facility.

One common denominator that may help keep you from drinking too much is not wearing heavy clothes. A lot of research has been done to find out if this practice works. Research has found that people who wear more clothes are less likely to drink excessively. If you really want to reduce your chances of drinking, you need to remove yourself from those that are encouraging you to drink.

Commit to making your daily habits to quit drinking easier. Do something new for your self every day. This can be anything that you enjoy doing like taking a walk or reading a book.

In addition to the things you do, you should also spend some time taking mental breaks. Take some time every day and a half to stop yourself from relapsing. Sometimes alcohol, despite of trying hard to get rid of it, doesn’t go away. Sometimes, it gets to a point that you need a mental break to remind yourself that you will get rid of it.

Be aware of the drugs and alcohol that you consume. Don’t forget the side effects that are dangerous. Most people have seen pictures of people who have died from overdoses. Make sure that you are aware of the side effects of what you drink or consume.

There are ways of how to live a sober life. Many studies have shown that if you quit drinking for a while, your tolerance to alcohol will decrease. This means that you can drink less without having to increase the amount. When you are getting sicker, your body is responding to the withdrawal symptoms. This should be a warning to you that you need to stop drinking or you will be sick.

Learn some exercises that will keep you from becoming addicted to alcohol. Some of these exercises are known as “tap dancing”. These activities help improve your balance and stamina. People who practice these exercises live a more normal life and avoid becoming addicted to alcohol. Others may need to use some help in becoming disciplined and getting their mind focused on sobriety.

If you have already been sober for some time, it is time for you to commit to staying sober. It may be difficult to achieve, but it is well worth it. It will take practice and determination to stay sober and if you follow the above suggestions, you will succeed.